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A Note from the Chairman

It is only since 1860 that cardboard cartons as we know them have been in existence. Carried only by better speciality shops, the original cartons were handmade and were set up after each purchase by the retail clerk. As with all the great simple idea’s, one wonders how it waited so long to be thought of. Nowadays manufacturers of all durable goods appreciate the necessity and advantage of good packaging. A well packed product enables the goods to reach the consumers in good condition but more than that, it gives it a tidy and pleasing appearance in stock rooms or self service stores. It inspires respect and care during carriage. It creates brand awreness when on display and therefore increases sales.

About the same time as the carton was being invented, Kippax Mill, run by the Howarth family, was part of the thriving cotton industry. It had been lying derelict for many years when we took it over in 1972. We are happy to say that once more it is a thriving hive of indurstry and we equate our growth and success to happy relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff.

The vital raw material comes from some of the worlds leading suppliers, who for competition, quality and service are unequalled in this field. They supply top quality paper for our corrugator, provide excellent service and support. It is this kind of back up which enables us to provide excellent quality at competitive prices and unequalled service at short notice when required.

I hope that the rest of this website will give you an interesting insight as to how we operate and are able to offer you a great deal in packaging.

Mr Neville M. Turner