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Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Those clients who first entrusted their packaging requirements to KCL four decades ago have watched as boxes have become more efficient not just at carrying the products themselves but at carrying a sharp advertising message with high-quality print and colourful logo’s, many of which have been designed by the team of experts at KCL.

Graphics can be created from scratch by the Company’s in-house design team or can be converted and manipulated from existing corporate designs using the latest in design technology.

Boxes are designed on screen, and then sampled using a state of the art CAD/CAM cutting table. The graphics can then be imported onto the CAD drawing and outputted to a laser printer.

The finished box can be shown on screen and on paper in 3 dimensions so that the customer can visualise exactly what their packaging will look like before they commit themselves to originating the packaging in preparation for production.

It is a streamlined system only usually seen in far bigger organisation’s – at Kenross Containers the company remains small enough for the customer to deal directly with the design team, to achieve the best possible results every time.

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